eOffice® - Trademark Guidebook: Revision

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What is a Trademark?


A trademark is a word, name, design, or phrase that identifies a product (or service) and distinguishes it from similar products or services made or offered by competitors.


Why Trademark?


Without trademarks, consumers would not be able to distinguish similar products and services from different manufacturers. One manufacturer may provide a better quality product than the other. An absence of trademarks leads to confusion for consumers, which subsequently leads to lost goodwill for manufacturers and service providers.


Why Protect Trademarks?


Properly used, a trademark can provide its owners a legally protected position, indefinitely. But, if used improperly, a trademark can become diluted or fall into generic use and lose its protected status. The following are now generic words (some of them listed in the English dictionary) because they were not protected by their owners:


  • harmonica

  • yo-yo

  • aspirin

  • zipper

  • escalator



General eOffice Trademark Guidelines


eOffice is our company name and trademark. As a name, it represents our company. As a trademark, it represents the standards of quality and excellence that are associated with our products and services. This page contains detailed information about how to refer to our name and related eOffice trademarks in different scenarios.



Licensed Company name:

eOffice® Network


Our Company name is eOffice® Network. 


Licensed, Registered "House" Trademark:



eOffice® is a registered trademark and tradename, listed on the Principal Trademark Register of the United States Patent and Trademark Office as U.S. Federal Trademark 2,063,815.  We are licensed by eOffice Brands to use the mark for certain products and services that originate from us. 


Licensed "Dot-Com" Servicemark:



Our servicemark eOffice.comSM is the unique, licensed identifier of our brand name online service. This service is accessible via Internet connectivity, using www.eoffice.com as the Internet address.


Licensed "House" Logo:


This logo is a licensed "house" logo. Much like our licensed house trademark (eOffice®), our house logo is used to identify our company and certain products and services that originate from us.






Referring to eOffice Trademarks in Text


Proper reference to eOffice trademarks is important. You may only use eOffice trademarks or product names to refer to eOffice brand products and services provided you follow these guidelines. Your use must not mislead consumers as to any eOffice sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement of your company, or of your products or services.


Properly Identify eOffice Brand Products


When referring to eOffice software, service and products, apply the appropriate trademark symbols in accordance with the list of current eOffice trademarks.


eOffice® Network

eOffice® Desktop

eOffice® Productivity Suite

eOffice® Action Suite

eOffice® Manager

eOffice® Experts!

eOffice® Webmail

eOffice® WebServer

eOffice® Phone

eOffice® NetBook



Set eOffice Trademarks Apart from Other Words or Nouns They Modify


The common way to set trademarks apart from other words or nouns is to capitalize the product name and use the appropriate trademark symbol and appropriate descriptor. You may also use underlining, italic type, or bold type for the name. Examples:


Correct: Send it to my eOffice® Network account.

Incorrect: Send it to my eOffice



Use Trademark Notices


Include an attribution of eOffice ownership of the trademark(s) in the credit notice section of your documentation or advertisement. Follow this format:


  • eOffice®, eOffice® NetworkeOffice® Productivity Suite, and all other related eOffice® marks are either registered trademarks or trademarks licensed for use by eOffice Brands in the United States and/or other countries.


Correct Form


eOffice trademarks should never be used in the possessive or plural form. They should be introduced as a proper adjective followed by an appropriate descriptor.


Correct: This presentation was created using eOffice® Productivity Suite.

Incorrect: This presentation was created using eOffice.



Additional Guidelines


1. Do not use any eOffice trademarks as your product name, service name, or company name.

2. Do not use product, service, or company names that could be confused with any eOffice trademark.

3. Do not mimic or copy eOffice product packaging, advertising, or trade dress.

4. Do not use eOffice trademarks more prominently than your product or service name. You should maintain a visual distinction between your company and product name and any eOffice trademark.

5. Do not create or use any logos that include a eOffice trademark unless your use is pursuant to a license from eOffice Brands.




Do not use the eOffice Company logo or any other eOffice logos, symbols, or icons on or in connection with products, packaging, manuals, promotional or advertising materials, or Web sites for any purpose except pursuant to an express written trademark license from eOffice Brands.


The eOffice company logo may be used only in limited situations to refer to eOffice Brands.


Link Logos


You may place a text link to an eOffice Web page on your site if the text link is not a prominent feature on the site and is not used in a way that could confuse or mislead consumers. You may refer to the eOffice company name or eOffice product and service names in a plain text font and format, provided this use follows the general eOffice trademark guidelines and you include appropriate wording such as "This way to eOffice.com." Except for the link logos as provided by eOffice, you may not use the eOffice company logo or any other eOffice logo or graphic to link to eOffice.


Web Sites


Do not use any eOffice trademark in the title of your Web site or as a second-level domain name. You may not use any eOffice logo without a license or written specifications from eOffice.


Company, Product, Service, and Domain Names


Do not use or register any eOffice trademark, including eOffice logos, symbols, icons, or any potentially confusing variation thereof, as part of your company name, trade name, product name, service name, or domain name. Do not place your company name, trademarks, service marks, or product names next to, or combine them with, a eOffice product name.


Endorsement or Sponsorship


Do not use any eOffice trademark in any manner that expresses or implies eOffice affiliation, sponsorship, endorsement, certification, or approval. Do not use any eOffice trademark in such a manner that it appears eOffice is legally associated with your company. You must display your company name more prominently than any eOffice trademark on all materials.


Merchandise Items


Do not manufacture, sell, or give away merchandise items, such as T-shirts or mugs, that bear any eOffice trademark, including logos, except pursuant to an express written trademark license from eOffice.


Trade Dress and Advertising Elements


Do not imitate eOffice logos, logotypes, trade dress, or other elements of eOffice product packaging and Web sites in any of your materials, including but not limited to advertising, product packaging, Web sites, and promotional materials.


Slogans and Taglines


Do not use or imitate any eOffice tagline, including but not limited to "The Original Online Office Service.TM "