eOffice® Network – Privacy Policy

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eOffice® Network – Privacy Policy

Last modified: February, 19, 2018



Welcome to the eOffice® Network Privacy Policy


eOffice Network is the Original Online-Office Service. Its mission is to help you connect and share with other offices, publicly or privately. With that in mind, we are committed to being transparent and open about the data we collect about you and how it is used and shared.



We are a social network and online-office services platform for individuals, businesses and organizations. Our registered users (“Online Office Owners”) share their professional identities, and engage with their network, associates, clients and customers by posting and viewing relevant content. Content on some of our services is available to non-members (“Online Office Visitors”).


By using our services you consent to our use of your data under this Privacy Policy and you are entering into the eOffice® Network – Terms of Service Agreeement with eOffice Network LLC.



This privacy policy applies to eOffice® Network, eOffice®-branded applications and other eOffice®-related sites, services and communications (“Services”), excluding connected third-party services that state that they are offered under a different privacy policy.



If you use our Services, you consent to this Privacy Policy, including the collection, use and sharing of your personal data, which includes data managed by Cookies.



1. Information We Collect


1.1 Information You Provide to Us



Creating an eOffice Network account requires that you provide personal data such as your name, email addresses, phone numbers and password. We may also ask for your payment and billing information.


Posting and Uploading

When you provide, post or upload content to our Services, we collect personal data. This may occur when you fill out forms, or import your address book and contacts, for example.



When you create an eOffice Network account, you receive an Online Office Owner profile. Your online office profile allows you to display information such as your photo, city or area, education, skills and the like. You have the choice to show or hide this information at discrete levels or not at all. If you don’t want to make your personal information publicly available at all, please do not post or add it to your personal profile.


1.2 Information from Others



Information about you on our Services may be posted by you and others which we may collect and make available as part of our Services.



When others use our Services, we may receive personal data about you when they import their address book, calendar or send messages, including invitations for you to connect.



We may receive personal data about you when you use third-party services of our partners, such as email, calendar and document systems.


1.3 Use of Service


Your usage of our Services is logged when you visit, view, click on content, ads, perform searches, and install applications (apps), for example. Log-in entries, cookies, your device-specific information, internet protocol (“IP”) address and other connection-specific information that identifies you is logged to track your use of our Services.


1.4 Cookies and other Technologies


We may use technologies, such as Cookies to, among other technical processes, orchestrate the recognition of you and your devices across different Services related to eOffice Network and our third-party service providers.


1.5 Your Devices and Location


In common with the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and other protocols that make up the World Wide Web, we collect your IP address, proxy server, operating system, web browser, related device identifier and its features, and identifiers regarding your Internet service provider (ISP). On mobile devices we may receive data about your location. You may be able to prevent location data from being sent to us in your device settings if your ISP and/or device provides this settings option.


1.6 Your Messages


When you communicate with others on our Services, we may collect information about your activity.


1.7 Other Sites and Services


On our third-party service providers, we may receive information about your visits and interactions with those sites and services.


1.9 Other


We often introduce new features and functions to our Services and we may collect additional personal data about you, in which case we notify you and may update this Privacy Policy.



2. How We Use Your Data


Our goal is to provide relevant, personalized Services and support to you, and others, based on your personal data. You control our use of your personal data based on which Services you use, how you use our Services, and the privacy settings you select.


2.1 Services


Our Services help you connect and share with other offices, office owners and office visitors.


Staying Connected

It is your choice as to who you connect with and those who also want to connect with you. Connecting with another on our Services may allow you to search each others’ connections in order to broaden your mutual opportunities. We may use personal data about you to suggest connections in order to facilitate invitations for others to connect with you. We may also use your precise location to other “Online Office Owners” for you to connect with. It is your choice whether to connect or not, but when you send an invitation to connect, your name, photo, online-office network and other information will be included. Similarly, Online Office Visitors also have various choices about how we use their data.


Staying Informed

In order for you to stay informed, we use information about you to recommend relevant content across our Services. For example, if you let us know what interests you, we may use information to send you personalized content or suggest that you follow certain Online Office Owners on our sites. We may also use your content, activity, name, picture and other data to provide notices to other Online Office Owners in your online office network.



2.2 Productivity Services


Our Services provide access to third-party productivity tools for the access, production and sharing of online documents, spreadsheets, presentations, scheduling and the like. You can create, share and collaborate with others using these productivity tools. Based on your settings, we may scan the content created using these tools in order to better streamline your productivity, by providing services such as automated scheduling of meetings, auto generated responses, summarized messages or recommended actions, for example.


2.3 Communications


We may communicate with you in various ways. For example, we may communicate through email, through posted notices, through messages to your Online Office Account, or by text messages to mobile devices. These messages may include service-related content, network updates, reminders and promotional items from us or our partners. You will be able to make changes to your communications preferences, but you cannot opt-out of messages from us that are related to our Services or legal notices.


2.3 Advertising


We may provided targeted ads to Online Office Owners and others who use our Services. If you take an action on theses ads, we may share your name and show your action related to these ads.


2.4 Marketing


We may use data and content about Online Office Owners, Online Office Vistors and others who use our Services in order to promote membership growth and engagement in our Services.


2.5 Research and Service Development


We may use your data when we conduct research and development in order to better our Services and provide you and others a more personalized and intuitive experience.


2.6 Customer Support


When issues arise about our Services, we may use your data, including your communications, to investigate, respond-to, and resolve complaints.


2.8 System Insights


We may generate, non-identifying, insight reports about our Services that use your data in aggregate with other Online Office Owners and their visitors. For example we may provide a report showing demographic distribution of Online Office Visitors in order to better inform advertisers.


2.9 Security and Investigations


If needed, we my use your data for security purposes, or to investigate violations of our Terms of Service, or violations of the law; this may also include your communications.



3. How We Share Information



3.1 Our Services



Your Online Office Profile is fully visible to all other Online Office Owners and Visitors of our Services. Your profile and its information by differ based on your settings, the degree of connection by the viewing member, and their usage of our Services.


Posts, Likes, Follows, Comments, Messages

When you post content; when you click “follow” or “like”; when you make comments, our Services will allow others to see your actions. For example:


  • When you share a post, others with whom you are not connected may see your post.
  • When you comment on a post, others may see your comment.
  • Within a group, your posts may only be visible to the group-members, but outside of the group, your membership to the group may be visible.
  • When you “follow” an Online Office Owner, your act of “following” is visible to others and we may provide aggregate count of followers and viewers to Online Office Owners who are being followed and viewed on our Services.
  • When you send a message to an Online Office Owner or Visitor, we may let you know when the recipient has acted on your message.


3.2 Communications


For legal or professional compliance, some Online Office Owners may archive their communications and online activity with third-party providers.


3.3 Third Party Services


When you sign-up for our premium services your Online Office Account may be linked to these services and your personal data may become available to them. A consent screen will be provided to you when you opt to link to such services. For example, you may sign-up for email services provided by G Suite (a service from Google) that links with your Online Office on eOffice Network. Furthermore, we use third-party services internally in order to help us provide our Services to you. These third-party service providers may have access to your information as it may be necessary to perform their tasks on our behalf, but only for the purposes defined in our Services agreements.


3.4 Legal Disclosures


As required by law, subpoena, or other legal process, or if we determine that disclosure is reasonably necessary, we may need to disclose information about you in order to:

  • Take action regarding suspected or actual illegal activities

  • Enforce our Service agreements

  • Defend ourselves against third-party allegations

  • Protect our Services

  • Protect our Online Office Members, personnel, or others

In our judgment and when appropriate, we attempt to notify Online Office Owners and others about legal demands for their personal information, unless prohibited by law, or when the request is an emergency. On the other hand, we may dispute such demands at our discretion, but provide no promises to challenge every demand.


3.5 Change in Control or Sale


If our Services are part of a change in control of ownership, your personal data will be shared as part of such sale, merger or in preparation for such events. As a result, the right to use your personal information will transfer to the new owner, but only as set out in this Privacy Policy.



4. Your Choices & Obligations



4.1 Data Retention


We retain your personal data while you keep your account active.


4.2 Rights to Access and Control Your Data


As an Online Office Owner, you are given choices about the collection, use and sharing of your data. This includes ways to delete or correct data you include in your profile, and ways to control visibility of your posts and other communications. As a product of our Services, we offer others certain levels of access to the personal data we have about you.


4.3 Account Closure


Upon account closure, your Online Office Profile will stop being visible to others on our Services within 30 days. But other information you have shared with others may survive after you close your account; this information may continue to be visible. For example, if you shared information by posting it to groups, that information will continue to be visible. Furthermore, we do not control data the other Online Office Owners have copied-out of our Services and therefore your profile may continue to be shown by other online services, such as Google Search, until they update their listings.



5. Other Important Information



5.1 Security


While we implement security safeguards, we cannot guarantee the security of any information that you send us.


5.2 Contact Information


For questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please reach us by postal mail at our address found on our support page.